Buzz coming through the pedal

I have BeatBuddy in line in my pedal board.
No matter where I put it (first, last, wherever)…when in line it generates a buzz.
If I take the BB into the amp by itself…buzz stops.
If I plug 1/4" into Mono or Stereo…still a buzz when in line w/ pedals.
I’ve swapped every one of my patch cables…still a buzz.

Any suggestions how to make the buzz disappear?

Are you using the PSU that came with your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal? If not, try that PSU and see if you’re still getting the buzz.

To check if it’s the 1/4” output jacks, connect headphones to the 1/8” jack and see if you’re still getting the buzz.

If you’re still having issues, please contact and let us know what you had to do to make the buzzing go away.

How is the BB powered? You want it isolated from the power used for any devices.

Digital pedals don’t play well with analog pedals.

I had this problem when using on a pedal board with a multi power block . It only gave me 2 options 100 mA or 500mA
The beat buddy is 300mA therefore using a beat buddy power supply resolved the buzz.

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Another option to consider is to separate your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal from your current signal chain and run it into a separate input or channel on your amplifier. Some users run their pedal as a stand-alone into powered speakers or a keyboard amp to get around the noise issue. An additional benefit would be to get the full fidelity of the BB range.

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Always best to play through a separate amp or speaker anyway