Can anyone help me to create drum beats?


Hi all,
I just got the MIDI cable and started using the software. I will have a gig in 10 days but don’t know how to create drum beats. So I would ask someone to help me or teach me how to do it. If I use guitar pro to create midi files, Do they sound realistic on BB? I used guitar pro, but it sounded not very good.

Here is a list of my songs:

  1. It Will Rain (Bruno Mars)
    2.Grenade (Bruno Mars)
    3.Set fire in the rain (Adele)
  2. I Won’t Let You Go
  3. Bad Romance (Lady gaga)
  4. Torn
  5. Wicked game
  6. She will be loved
  7. Jolene
  8. Simply the best
  9. The one that got away (kate perry)
  10. Hotel California
  11. Please don’t leave me(Pink)
  12. Diamonds
  13. with or without you
  14. Everywhere – Michelle brand
  15. Don’t dream it’s over
    18.Another day in paradise
  16. Big jet plane (Angus Stone )
  18. California king bed (rihanna)
  19. One (U2)
  20. Sex on fire (Kings of Leon)
  21. Can’t get you out of my head (Kyile Minogue)



Or should I buy drum MIDI files for those songs, then import to the software and edit them? this would be faster?



Buying anything software-related goes against my personal beliefs.

Answering about the sound quality and Guitar Pro. Yes, what you hear in Guitar Pro means NOTHING, as all the beats will sound AMAZING with the BeatBuddy. Guitar Pro uses default General MIDI sounds. BeatBuddy uses insane realistic ones.

What you need - is simply make sure you are exporting a single track MIDI file with beats track only, and that consists only of MIDI notes that are in supported range by the BeatBuddy drumset you are intending to play it with.

I am recalling I made something like that - a mapping of supported notes by a drumset back in June. I was composing a MIDI files with consecutive MIDI notes and listened to whether they were audible or not :slight_smile: This was indeed very boring, and after that I’ve discovered an easy way how you can find out whether the note is supported by a drumset or not.

You can also refer to and for additional info.


I just did some homework and downloaded 15 songs from guitar pro tabs. How can i export single drum MIDI file from the whole file?



Oh my… I feared this would happen :slight_smile: This is BeatBuddy support forum, so you can refer to other web sites for help - Pick any suitable option!