Can BB change tempo w/ new aeros song selection

So I use thw MM to scroll the songlist. Select a song. BUT, the BB does not change tempo to MATCH the new song selection…?

That would be a nice automatic feature to have. Unfortunately as of today, that’s not the case. I have to manually adjust the BB tempo to match my Aeros song.

really? kinda major part!! aux hand control would be cool…

This will be easier with dedicated MIDI song select options as well as once the Aeros is able to act as Master which should not come long after we expand MIDI.

Currently, the easiest way to use Aeros and BB is with fresh unrecorded Aeros songs since BB sends time signature and tempo to Aeros making it very easy to change BB songs to a new Aeros song.

We understand this is not how every looper performs and many are using the Aeros as a recallable sampler, and we dig it and we want to support that kind of looping on the fly, too, in due time we definitely will be able to make it better.