Can I Strip the Bass?

Lots of good stuff available that would be useful to me – except for the “with bass” part. Jst about to open a few up, but does anyone know how to strip out the bass parts?



This turns out to be more a question of, can I break the .BBT files out into MIDI files?

Someone suggested just using a drum set without bass . . . .

Yes, and that works for the songs that I think are in great shape already. But there are a few I’d like to modify to suit, and that would require me to break the MIDI files out of the .BBTs.

Hey, JoeinOttawa. Not quite sure how and if this can even be done with the present state of the BeatBuddy software, firmware, and pedal. The separate bass and drum midi tracks are both joined into a single midi track and this is how they’re imported into the BBM. You’ve probably already noticed that when you export a song to midi, you get a midi file with the bass and drums tracks still merged. When creating user content, it would be nice if forum users could provide the midi file with the two separate (bass and drums tracks) before they are joined. o_O

What might even be better is if the BBM could import a separate track (channel?) for bass midi and a separate track (channel?) for drums midi which would make it easier for users to customize the midi for either the bass or the drums. Bass players could opt to “turn off” the bass channel (or track) in the BBM.

In the meantime and FWIW, you could probably ask the users that created the song or beat to provide the “pre-joined” midi file (containing separate bass and drums midi tracks). I’m not sure that many users bothered saving those pre-joined tracks–I know I didn’t until just recently.

Never mind, figured it out.

For anyone wondering, open the song in BB Manager, right click on parts, and export to MIDI. Then you can delete bass parts if desired, and edit the rest as required.

Easy – if you know where to look.


The easiest way to get rid of the bass notes is to use a standard kit that doesn’t have the bass instruments in them… Use Rock instead of Rock with Bass… that way the bass notes are still there in case you want them in the future.

Just enter the midi into Charle’s beat builder … they disappeared faster than I had wanted …lol