Can I sync. beatbuddy tempo with Boss-DR880 ??

Can I sync. beatbuddy tempo with Boss-DR880 ??


From the product site
Q. What kinds of MIDI sync signals can the DR-880 work with?
A. The DR-880 can function as a MIDI clock master or slave.

So theoretically, yes, you should be able to sync BeatBuddy tempo with Boss-DR880.

Keep in mind though, you may run into some problems not directly related to BeatBuddy:

  1. Boss loopers (like RC-300) are known to sync pretty poorly in general, unless they are used as MIDI Master.
  2. To get best user experience from BeatBuddy, you would like to assign BB to be MIDI Master (and not the looper), so you can, for example, use BeatBuddy Tap Tempo feature.
  3. I know DR-880 is not a looper, but a drum machine, however as it comes from Boss, this makes me a bit fishy to suspect hidden issues.
  4. I have no idea why you would like to have two drum machines at the same time :slight_smile: