Can I use BeatBuddy as a wav-player?

I was thinking of having the keyboard lines of: Van Halens “Jump”, Dio´s “Holy Diver” and Europes “Final Countdown” in the start part of those songs. Is that at all possible - and if, how? :slight_smile:

Rather than mess around with wav files, why not just transcribe the complete MIDI source file song and play it with one of the specialized drum kits (keys or synth) from Resources/drum kits?

It’s possible. You add the wav to the drum kit and trigger it at the appropriate time. Take a look at Phil’s (not me) Penny Lane and the corresponding kit for it. It will requiring making a a drum kit just for that song, but you can alter an existing kit and save it with a new name.

We already have a nice version of Jump that has a good synth part.

And, I agree with Persist, by the way. We have 3 and 4 part kits now. If you don’t like a synth tone, it’s probably easier to find a set of synth samples you like and edit a kit rather than cobbling together a wave playing kit. By the way, all kits are wav players.

Straywalker - I struggled with this - we are a trio and like to differentiate our performance and surprise the audience by tossing in some novelty. We open songs like Crazy Train and Pink Floyd’s Breathe (then sequence into Time) with short segments (like 10-12 sec) of mp3 cribbed from the real song embedded in the Ipad app we use (Unreal book). The app lets you create a ‘transmogrify’ button on a page and designate it as (in this case) a play button linked to the mp3 I loaded. Gets the audience attention and we already play a number of instruments among the group and have run out of available hands. Given a little thought you can record & trim the appropriate piece using Audacity freeware that will dovetail into your live play.

I tried this a while back and the wav file can only be short or it gets cutoff after a certain amount of Midi events (that trigger the beats) happen.

Interessed by knowing how to play a single wave file in a song,
can someone tells me where Phil’s Penny Lane can be found ? or any other help.
Thank you

You can add a wav as the accent of the song. It’s been done before

Yes, thank you, it works fine and easy to set but as i’ve tried it with a normal song (around 35 Mo), i got a pop up message about the file size limit (3876 Kb max). So it remains a good way to play short wave file.
For a bigger wave file I followed the Phil_Flood tuto and it works though after a while my BB fell in an endless sound loop with echos that i could not stop except by switching the power off. I’m going to dig what I did wrong.

See if you have multiple notes on your midi part that would be retriggering the wav. You need just one long note. Make sure the note isn’t covering up other midi notes.

Hy Phil,
After checking, I’ve only one long note in my midi file as you specified.
Obviously the BB cannot stop the song after it has started. It’s a pity but BB doesn’t behave like the virtual machine wich stop normaly on double click.
I have updated the BB firmware to 3.8.0 but this behavior remains the same.
Everything is OK if you wait the end of the song before any other command but it’s impossible to stop it while it’s running (except by switching the power off) making hard to deal in live situation.
Do you see any other work around ? or I hope a fix in a next firmware ?

I believe the “triple tap” to stop setting is still available as a Main Pedal setting. If enabled, this provides for a panic stop, i.e., it let’s you end at any time. See if that setting is still there, and if so, enable it. Then practice it with a more conventional BB song to get the feel for to use that version of the stop. If that works, it should let you escape from a wav playback song.