Can I use the aeros aas a master midi clock

Hey… just bought an aeros looper and linking it to a korg monologue and a Beringer drum machine (can’t afford to update to a beat buddy yet)… Can I use the aeros as the master midi clock, or is it just a slave? Having a tap tempo midi master clock would be super useful…

Not really up on midi,so excuse my ignorance…these are probably simple questions with simple answers… like no ,:rofl:

I can get it to sync to the monologue, but not the other way …

Plus extra question if I use the monologue as the master clock, can I turn off the start stop command so I can start and stop the sequencer without starting and stopping the aerosand drum machine? Thanks all

First answer is no. The Aeros cannot currently function as your master clock for other devices to follow. I suspect that the function will come eventually.

However, when you get into scenarios where you want more than 2 or 3 devices to sync, and each of them is performing parts of a song that you may need to start and stop at will (therefore, stopping the MIDI Clock), it’s probably best to start looking into a dedicated clock device to control them all:

Master Clock

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thanks for the reply Rock Debris… Thats cleared it up for me…

Not yet, but very very soon, we are already testing a version that can do this internally!


Well that is good to hear. It seems the best usability is to have the BB slave to the Aeros since once loops are recorded the tempo cannot be altered. Now that I have all 3 pieces, on the maestro this should be consistent no matter if the device is in BB or Aeros mode. Pull up the song, tempo matches with BB press start on the Aeros. BB starts. How about adding “Start Now” to the Aeros mode in the Maestro for a complete cycle of Start/Stop depending on the play state of the Aeros.

I see midi loop issues in your future.

A unified BB/Aeros via bidirectional midi (or a next gen, unified device) would be amazing.

Will a realistic, humanized drummer (like one beer sobriety mode) work? :slight_smile:

I have one of those drummers Lol!.. need to do some busking now and then. Right now it seems that the 3 trio of devices is feasible in a studio setting only as its not completely hands-free. Live the maestro and aeros works fine with the band. Sending a click track to the drummer just works.

The Aeros can now be set to be MIDI Transmitter (Master) in beta 5.0.0


youre a star… updated yesterday, thank you so much… exactly what i needed!!!

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5.0.3 is now on WiFi!

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