Can I?/

We have been using the BB for a while now for practice and love it, but we want to use it for actual gigging. Is it possible to line up the beats from BB with the tempos we use in an order so that when you click the pedal it goes right to the next preset at the tempo we use? For instance, our first song uses Punk 1 Tempo 172, second song Rock 9 Tempo 110, third song Techno 1 Tempo 115 … It would be nice to be able to click through without having to bend down each time to change the tempo.

Full size Beat Buddy, I assume? And, do you have Beat Buddy Manager installedon your computer and know the basics of using it?

Yes, it is the full sized. I have downloaded the manager and getting the gist of it, but I am just trying to line up specific beats at specific tempos not rewrite drums completely.


  1. Create a new folder in your song list, call it something like My Gig list.
  2. for each song that you want to use, export the song to a new folder on your hard drive. Call the folder gig list.
  3. click on the My Gig List Folder in your song list, and start importing the songs in gig list.
  4. once you have the songs imported, change the default tempos for the songs in My Gig List to the desired tempos. I would also change the song names to match the real names of the songs.
  5. once you have the songs configured the way you want, you can click hold and drag the song to the correct order within the song list in My Gig List.

So I can’t just order the Beat buddy to play it’s beats in a certain sequence/ Like just move on the pedal from Punk 1 to Rock 9 to Techno 1…?

If you have them all in one folder, I believe there is a foot pedal for “next song.”

How do I get say, the Punk 1 setting on my computer?

If you Beat Buddy Manager set up, it should be in the Punk folder in your Songs List.

Yeah, I am not showing anything in my song lists. :frowning:

Do you recall setting up a BB Workspace? Was SD card ever connected to your computer?

And, by the way, this is what I meant by “installed and know the basics of using it.”

Yes, I put it in, but do not recognize the file names.

Well, sorry I am able to navigate through some things so I thought that was the basics. I set up my set list folder and such, but am not understanding the rest so I apologize if I am more basic than I thought. :slight_smile:

From BB manager, go to File>open project, and navigate to the SD card. Select the file with the .bbp tag.

Ahhhhh, that had stopped halfway through and showed an error message so it had not completed. Now I see it. Thank you so much!

Ok, now you should be able to do the other stuff.

There will be a stop at the end of the song, and you will need to select the next song, but you shouldn’t have to mess with bending down and getting settings.

When you have you set list done, you’ll want to “Synchronize Project.” That gets the set list onto the SD card,

Awesome! Thank you so much. :slight_smile: