Can it do this?

I’m just a simple musician, not real tech savvy. I have read and read here and I’m just confused. I have very simple needs and I thought the pedal was just what I needed but after reading everything I can here I’m still not sure. I was planning to use this in church, 3 or 4 songs at a time. I thought I’d be able to pick style and tempo, fills, etc… and then somehow program this thing to let us use it for the 3 or 4 songs just by tapping the switch rather than having to program every song before we could use it in live performance. Frankly, I am overwhelmed by what I read here. Y’all are waaaay ahead of me and obviously y’all know what you’re talking about but it all just makes my head hurt. I do not know if the peddle, as is, or the software, as is, will do what I need. Can someone tell me? If so, can you point me to a simple, easy to understand tutorial of how to program 3 or 4 songs ahead of time to play smoothly through a performance just by hitting the switch? I did buy a two button momentary switch approved by Beat Buddy staff.


A simple answer for You: There is a ton of songs shipped with the pedal. Most likely you will find what you seek right out of the box. Adding the ability to freely change tempo and the drum set for every song out there, you will definitely be able to play your 3-4 songs.

What you read about - are special abilities of BeatBuddy, and they are VERY powerful. It may seem very hard to start, but it is actually not so hard when you try it.

  1. Creating custom songs is not required to gig with BeatBuddy, and
  2. You can simply download the songs from the forum (that someone else made) and upload them to the pedal using BBManager.

Watch my 2nd tutorial video, if you are using a Mac you will need to wait for the Mac version to be released. I use it in church and have a set list preprogrammed which I then step through. I now have a folder for all the songs I have used and just export those and re-import them into a new set list. My mainly use it for upbeat songs where drums really help. I have not found any useful beats for slower ones, but then not every song needs a drum beat.

Howdy, I’ve been on this forum since it was started, watching and trying to learn how to use my BB, at this stage all I would like to do is create a set list so I don’t have to bend down and change BB beats for the next song, I even managed to update firmware.
My BB sometimes stops while playing and goes back to the default setting seems like a random event but makes it impossible to rely on it in a performance setting
Another seemingly random event is that the headphone volume screen appears for a few seconds then BB resumes playing
I have to agree with member Voodoochild I know nothing about midi, beta versions, I am confused about who is running this site.
There was talk about some BB songs are not working as they should, It appears that what songs they are is nudge, nudge, wink, wink amongst yourselves, Is this an issue or is it fixed? ( something about midi files)
I have not downloaded the BB manager software as yet as I am confused and mistrustfill as to whether me a 60 year old muso can manage all the reported bugs and errors, C’mon fellas as reported some songs can;t be uploaded with out getting rid of forward slashes and whatever ever else, is that fixed?
As for loopers I have managed to loop my BB with my Jamman stereo looper and can go from BB to looper and back without midi, it took three days to get timing right
I have been playing for well over 40 years and have always thought that there should be a machine like the BB’s
Bottom line is this is a great machine but it seems like using the or even downloading the software maybe beyond me, leaving me with just anther crappy drum machine that is too difficult to use in a live setting

Thanks for the help! I’ll spend some time this weekend watching the video and trying it out on my pedal.

That is only possible with the BB manager on a Windows PC running Vista or newer.

Never heard of this the BB is rock solid in my experience. What do you mean by going “back to the Default settings”. What settings are you changing?

This is a well known issue discussed numerous times here and Tuesday someone asked the exact same question.

Sorry I don’t understand your question or what point you are trying to make.

There was no “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” basically some users were uploading songs made with the unreleased version of 1.33 of the BB Manager this caused issues with users still using 1.32. Now that everyone should be using 1.33 this should no longer be an issue.

That was a bug in v1.32 of the software and has been fixed in 1.33, much of what you want to do can only currently be accomplished through the manager software. My tutorial videos will help guide you through the installation process and creating a setlist.

Hi thanks for reply. The BB stops and goes back to original tempo if I have changed it (default tempo setting) It appears random but usually happens say once every 3/4 hours of use
Second seemingly just as random the headphone vol
screen appears and interrupts measure then reverts to normal screen
I’m talking about BB not BBM as I have not yet downloaded it yet so I’m thinking not my Win7 i3
I’ve downloaded first firmware update but I believe there is now a second one
I did see that H/ph screen issue could be caused by bumping footswitch on BB, not sure, but they are close together
Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the BB think it is a great idea
But a lack of confidence and not enough Hi- Tech savvy I suppose is holding me back
Peter (ihazid)