Can not download new firmware.

When I try download I get this message,“Firmware-1.85 zip is not a valid Win 32 application”…help???

Strange - have you downloaded firmware before? Sounds like it is trying to open as an application? Once downloaded then it should open. I would check your file associations for “.zip” - what OS are you using as I’m exclusively Windows 7.

I use Windows 7

[]As I say I would check your file associations. Go to control panel and find the default program for Zip file - Windows should just open it but it may be linked to something else.
]Try downloading it again and ensure you are downloading and saving the file not just running it.
[*]Follow the “upgrading firmware video”.

Right click on the zipped file, and select ‘properties’. What does it say by ‘opens with:’ ? I have a feeling that your system thinks it’s a different type of file. What unzipping utility do you have? I recommend 7zip:


Can you update us on what happens?

I opened it up with but can I put it in the BB manager?

Hi Mike. Kind of confused with what you’re asking. If you mean firmware, the files for 1.8.5 belong in your SD card–not in the BBM.

Have you viewed the video on how to install new firmware?

I installed the new firmware to the SD card and the BB Manager but the 500 beat limit is still there???

Thanks persist…everything is working great (so far). The no beat limit is great.

Good to hear.