Can the Aeros do this "now?"

Hi all – Just ordered my Aeros before knowing that there were these issues. So, i’d like to know if anyone can tell me if it’s currently able to work the way I want it to.

Which is:
I want to be able to load up 6 “parts” where each part is not a separate instrument but a separate part of the song. I want to be able to pre-record other instrument parts on one part (using overdubs). Then I want to be able to switch between parts during the song, going forward and backward among the parts.

So, if a song has 5 parts, intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro, I want to have those 5 loaded, with an empty track that I can create with the guitar “live.” Then using the footswitch I want to be able to switch between all the various parts.

I am using beat buddy, and I do have a midi pedal board.

Another way to think about it is that I’d like the aeros to work like the pigtronix infinity looper, just with 6 parts instead of 2.

Does this make sense? If so, can the Aeros currently do what I want? Thank you!

I’d say Yes.
You can have 6 different parts with 6 different tracks each… and then you can adjust each track’s volume or mute it after the fact if you need to… and you have to manually pick each part in 6 x 6 mode so you can choose them in any order…

Thanks for the reply! I guess what I’m asking is whether or not the device is actually working this way? One of the “bugs” I’ve read about is a 2 1/2 minute limit on tracks – this might be problematic for some of the loops I want to do.

And, by “manually picking” each part, can I do that with the footswitches, live, with no latency or stopping of sound as the part is switching?

Another error that I noticed in the boards is that there is an issue with saving and loading songs from SD card – something else I’ll be taking advantage of.

More simply, is there a link, post, or page that lists what the device CAN and CAN NOT currently do based on current firmware?


Getting a public board, github style or similar, to track current issues and progress is one of my priorities, but due to medical reasons I’ve not been able to focus attention on it.

Saving to SD cards should be implemented within the next couple of weeks.

Everything else mentioned sounds doable with current firmware.

OK; Thanks! Hope you continue to feel better.