Can we get an iPad App


As I’ve said before, love the pedal, hate the software. Please can we have a better version of BB Manager!? An iPad App would be sooooooo good and I would literally become your most avid fan and contributor. I can’t be the first person to beg for this…

Come on :slight_smile:


This has been requested before. How do you propose you would make the changes and update the Beatbuddy? The IPad does not have an SD card slot or a USB connection?

With the starting expectation that Singular Sound will figure out how to resolve the lack of direct Mac connectivity (USB driver issue?) and then use that same logic path to:

  • develop an iPad BeatBuddy application and
  • use the iPad’s and iPhone’s Lightening connector for connectivity

If other developers have broken the code, I’m certain that Singular Sound can too. I also believe that users might be willing to pay a reasonable fee for an iOS BBM application. o_O

I also would love not to have to bend down every time I want to see what patch # I need to put into a song in OnSong. The only way is an iPad app or an addition to OnSong that allows you to see the patches as they appear on screen on beatbuddy. Also the beatbuddy should have built in Bluetooth at this point, as it’s too many dongles and wires hanging from it as it is, and it’s already a difficult enough process to make midi functional.

Not sure what you mean. If using OnSong with the BeatBuddy and you are controlling it by MIDI, it is very easy after that, once you have the song programed into OnSong. Pull up your song in OnSong and the BeatBuddy goes right to the patch for that song. No looking down time and time again, would be necessary.