Can you turn off folder song select?

hi guys, ive been using the BB for quite a while and just had it connected to a looper via midi, worked a treat. However now ive just upgraded my pedal board so its all midi switchable (change presets, enter tap tempo etc, using the new source audio soulman)
The problem im having is every time i change a preset for my pedals the beat buddy receives a command to change drum pattern, which stops the beat buddy. Ive been through the manual and can’t see anything that could turn this off. Really i just want the beat buddy to receive midi clock from the soleman via the tap tempo foot switch (on the soleman) and relay it on to the looper, basically ignore everything else. Ive just been through all the settings and messed about with it and read the manual twice incase i missed something but im at a loss.
Does anyone have any suggestions? many thanks.

I would change the midi channel on BB and make sure it is not on Omni. That should fix it.

awesome, works a treat, there was me thinking tap tempo is a per channel thing and not global haha. thanks!