Cannot download premium content that I purchased.

Hello Singular Sound,
I purchased 5 sets of premium songs and just now getting around to downloading them. I noticed the new website and I saw there was some issue with downloads. I saw something that it would take around 7 days. This is just an FYI that I am one of those people impacted. JohnnyB

Thanks for taking a moment to comment. You’re probably as frustrated as many of us are about this unacceptable situation.

Sorry for causing confusion but I think you misquoted me. I intended to convey that it’s now been 8 days that downloads have not been available. This does not affect premium content which continues to be available. It affects mostly user created songs uploaded to this forum on and before Nov 23. Drum kits and songs not hosted on the forum are available.

Users can share their thoughts with how Singular Sound is bungling things by replying to this thread and @DavidPackouz should get the message.

There is now, as of moments ago, and from at least two hours ago, a block on downloading Premium content on the Singular site. The message indicates that the site is undergoing maintenance and is expected to be back on December 1.

They might have been able to pick a worse time to have these maintenance problems, but it would be difficult to figure out how.

@DavidPackouz You guys are dropping the ball big time. I cant believe the user resources section has been down for a week now. Not to mention other issues with the pedal ie: tap tempo and the lack of updates. At least get the resources section back online after all the work everyone has put into it.

Hi Guys, I apologize for the technical issues we’ve been having. It’s been driving us absolutely crazy and we’ve been driving our web guys crazy to fix it. I know that we are responsible to have this working for you guys and I completely understand that we’re letting you down here and that kills me.

We THINK that we mostly have solved the issue, but it seems to randomly come up again so we’re trouble shooting the situation.

If it’s still not working for you, as a temporary measure, please forward your purchase confirmation email to Goran, our director of content at – he can email you guys a link to download the content that you purchased.

Again, my deepest apologies for this huge pain in the ass.

Thank you for the update and clarification! It’s a great product with terrific resources and I know the update you provided will help people with their frustration.

Hey folks,
we are finally back online! Sorry for such a long delay. Our tech guy was working around the clock, but the issue was quite severe.

Luckily, he is awesome and got it all fixed. You are awesome for being so patient and in the light of that, here is a coupon code you can use today and tomorrow:


If will give you 30% off total cart amount in the Premium Library.


Hopefully Singular Sound has him working to resolve the problem with not being able to download Resources :mad:

We’re working on it now!!! Very sorry about this too :frowning: