Cannot install beatbuddy manager

Hi, Just got my beatbuddy, did the firmware upgrade, no hassle. Then went to install the software manager.
Downloaded okay but the file does not start up, no amount of clicking will start it. Its just like a dead link. Ihave downloaded it serveral times and its no different.

I am running a Vista pc, quite old but got plenty of power.

Any ideas

hi rick

i just downloaded the Windows versions
works fine

are you on a mac ?

download from here

pick your version


hi, Tommy, thanks for the reply. I have done just that 3 times, I am using the latest version for windows form the same website. I have it on my pc but when i run as admin or open, it does nothing. nothing happens.
Its not that it partly installs, then goes wrong, it does not even start.
My system is 32 bit, maybe it wont run on 32 bit

im using windows 32 too
so no problen there

still wont work, so dont quite know what to do, I have a new pc coming in the week, so maybe it will work on that

OK., it appears that my pc can install version 1.5 but its not the latest manager, should I install this or is this going ot give me more issues later on?

hey rick

“best to ask for a remote session with tech support to get up up and running”

FOR CURIOSITY try to install the BBM latest version (the one that wont install) in a friends computer
see if it works

hey rick

do install the 1.5 version
there had been atot of updates since it (it may even ask you to update to latest version)

by installing 1.5 you will be able to get used to using the BBM and when your new laptop comes you will be used to using it and install the latest version then

i see no reason why you cant open the file
if your computer wasnt up to speck, it would say it upon installation

check out the RESOURSE link on left of page see drums—songs—etc
plenty of uploaded songs and drum kits from users

drums with bass songs may not work on version 1.5 but will on new version

any more problems—leave a post—guys on here are very helpful----
there are alot of videos too to look up

I have a remote session pending, my new pc arrives tomorrow, so I may just wait until then, It must be something on my pc that maybe causing the issue.

Did it work?

yes it did, we installed it through the cmd command, something was blocking the setup.exe of the software install. But its all good now

Good for you. I have managed to install it on another laptop I have the prog just won’t run no messages nothing. It wouldn’t install at all on another laptop I had. It seems to be very flaky. I dread to think what it will be like if I ever did get it running. So far a disaster for me seriously considering sending it back but I am holding out. Even support let me down. Seems to be one guy in the US.

If you have antivirus software active, you temporarily inactivate and try to reinstall and see if it will run.

I had the same, no message or anything either. Had ot install via the command prompt. The guy at support was very helpful.