can't add drumsets

Maybe I’m missing something but I watched the video and I’m not seeing the same things. Downloaded the current BeatBuddy app (Mac OS X), have the SD card from my BB. Was able to create a new project from the original on the SD card and save it. Bought some premium content (beats and kits). Was able to install the beats no problem. The drum sets otoh - when I click on that tab on the left I see the default kits in italics - no checkboxes next to them. I try to add the drum sets I bought, navigate to the downloaded file, then nothing. I doesn’t import, don’t see anything added to the drum sets list.

What am I missing?

nm - seems that I figured it out, though not sure exactly how. Though I had synchronized I ended up saving another copy of the original project, then going back to the first one I did, changing, saving, quitting the program, then opening again. This time was able to load new drum sets.

i have experienced exactly the same issue, and tried exactly the same to resolve it… so “save as” seems to be a nice trick.