cant do accents with the gig basics or ballad beats?

wondering why when im playing the gig basics or the ballad beats i can NOT use the footswitch to do cymbal accents or do the pause/unpause feature with an accent? it works just fine with all the other beats/songs i have in my beatbuddy? is there a particular reason why only these two dont allow accents with the footswitch?

There are no WAV files loaded for accents in both Gig basics and Ballad. check it out in the BB Manager. I never noticed it until now.

so, can i load some wav files into the song myself so i can have accents? if so, how do i do that? thanks.

Yes you can. Have you worked with the BB Manager software yet? If not Download it and check it out

i am just now getting to try to learn how to really use the manager…i find it very hard to manipulate it…lol. do i need to download the wav files and midi files from the BB website in order to have the files to edit them into the songs?

OPB songs and song parts are midi files while accents are .WAV files. You can download the Accent Hit Sound Sample Library from the main site or even record your own. I understand there is a bit of a learning curve because it’s certainly something I had to overcome. However, as I’ve learned how BB works I have come to realize that separating the software ‘Managment’ part from the BeatBuddy is what makes this musical tool so powerful and adaptable.

Another thing you’ll find is that many musicians in this forum community have already gone through that learning curve and will gladly answer your questions. Just as important and actually the best place to start is to start reading some of the really helpful posts that include step-by-step instructions. At least that’s how I’ve been getting over mine :rolleyes:

yes, i downloaded the wav files…then added some cymbal accents to a ballad song…i have not yet tested the song out with the footswitch to see if the accents can be triggered with the footswitch. AND finally through much trial and error i finally was able to add a new folder for my own song creations, and was able to again finally make some of my own songs…AWESOME !!! did the extract and insert process and it works flawlessly…love my beatbuddy. thanks everyone for the help…the forum is a life saver…

Great, I love to hear that! That just means you’re learning the basics as I am and barely starting to use all that the BB offers… well, that and your talents and creativity.

Once you sync your BBM project with your BB you should be able to play accents with your footswitch on the songs you added them to. If you should still have any problems check to see how your footswitch is set up but if you haven’t changed anything, it should work as you want.

Keep reading the tutorial posts on the forum and you’ll start to see how endless the possibilities are… and best of all the BB will still never eat up your beer tab! :wink: