Can't find midi files in BBWorkspace directory for user created songs

I have looked and looked in all the BBWorkspace directory folders to find where BBManager is saving the midi files for songs I create or that I download from other users. I am starting to try to import midi files from songs created by other users into Beat Builder so that I can use those midi files for other songs or modify them or add bass or whatever, but the files are nowhere to be found in BBWorkspace. Help please!!

It doesn’t save them, it packages them into an sng file and only the software can get to them. However in the current version you can right click on a part and select “export”, you will then be able to save the actual midi file to your computer so you can change it etc…

Tried the right click “export” idea already. Didn’t work.

Hi Dave. Make sure you have latest version Beatbuddy Manager 1.50

I have version 1.50.1. I can export a midi loop from BBM to a folder but then when I try to open it in Beat Builder the file doesn’t show up in the folder where I exported it to.

There’s a possibility that in the windows explorer window (I assume you are using Windows) on the bottom right you need to choose All Files or a symbol that looks like this . - sometimes files that exist in a folder do not show up in windows explorer because it is set to show only certain filetypes.

Thanks y’all. Got it figured out. Not sure what I was doing wrong before, but now I can find exported midis when trying to open them in Beat Builder. It wasn’t an “all files” issue, btw.

Glad to hear it worked out. :slight_smile:

Hi, example; i make a midi drums in another software then i convert it to midi file…is it possible we can load it to beat buddy machine?

yes, each section is a midi section

Each section being - intro, main loop, fill, transition, outro. Each one of those song sections is a separate midi file. Each song can be edited in BBManager - selecting which midi files are assigned to which type of section. The individual midi files can be edited or generated separately outside of the BBManager but you’ll have to insert the relevant section into a song in order to hear it in the BB.

Both the Beat Builder and BBManager can play the individual midi files if you want to hear them separately. To hear a midi file in the BBManager, you’ll have to insert it in a song then just play that section in the song editor. The Beat Builder can be used to open and edit individual midi files directly.