Can't hear the strings with beatbuddy

I have the drumset NP P-Bass and BETTER STRINGS XLR. When i create a song i can hear the strings on beatbuddy manager but i cant hear them when i have my card inserted into the beatbuddy pedal? Is there a setting within the BB that i need to change?

IIRC, this is a kit that’s panned left and right so you’ll need to connect a patch cable to the Right output as well as the left.

Awesome .Thanks.

Hi Persist, is there a way to tell which Drum kits have instruments that are panned left and right? I’ve never used more than one cable for output (Left/Mono) so I’m wondering if I’m missing sounds or have reduced volume levels on instruments without even realizing it. I assumed that “Left/Mono” would be useful with all kits.

Unfortunately, other than going back to my original notes in the old forum, there is not a way to just look and tell. But, once the kit is loaded in BB Manager, just try it with your computer speakers, assuming you have a left and right. In split kits, I usually put the drums on the left and the bass and keys on the right. Just play a keyboard/strings etc note from one of the samples in the drumset maker window. If if comes out of both speakers, its not a split kit. If it only comes out of the right, it is a split kit. Don’t use drums for this process, as some kits had drums sets across the stereo pan field. With keys and bass, I either have then centered or panned right.