Can't import premium song library to bb manager

I have purchased a premium song library and bb manager will not import the songs - Stating they are not a portable file format.

It shows i have bb manager version 1.5.0 but in the box below in big letters it states version 1.5.01.
I believe that is up to date?

I am using a Mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.

Can anyone help with this?
I’ve looked through previous threads to find an answer but to no avail, now i’m stuck and beginning to rue the day i started down the beat buddy path!

I’m away from my computer but it sounds like you’re trying to import a folder using File/Import Song. If that’s the case, try File/Import Folder.
Song = .sng = File/Import Song
Folder = .pbf = File/Import Folder

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve tried both.

If i click, File/Import Folder and the click on the folder (popular cover songs vol.6) it the opens that up showing the individual song folders, i then select one of those and it opens up that folder showing each part of the song as a midi file (greyed out).

It sounds like you’re using both the BB Manager and the Finder. Is this generally what your BeatBuddy Manager shows when trying to import? My screen shots are from a Mac using El Capitan. I’m using Default Folder so it will appear just a little differently. It might help if you can post a screen shot.
[ATTACH=full]2150[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]2151[/ATTACH]

I might be…?
I just send the downloads to the desk top and retrieve them from there.
Here a some screen shots…

Okay. I think I can see what’s happening. If you can get back to this screen in the BeatBuddy Manager, the black icon file has a pbf extension which is a folder containing one or more songs. The steps to open this file are

  • select File/Import Folder
  • navigate to the folder containing Most_Popular_Cover…OL6.pbf
  • select or click on the file Most_Popular_Cover_…OL6.pbf; once you click on the file, it should be highlighted
  • you should be able to click on the Open button
    Note: if you don’t have a folder open in the Project Explorer pane (left side of the BB Manager, the song should have been saved to the top folder of the Project Explorer pane.

That nailed it! Thank you very much for your help.

Now i’m wondering how i managed to miss that black icon file…:rolleyes::slight_smile:

Glad to help.:wink:

Once you’ve associated that particular black icon to the BB Manager (BBM), the Mac should see those types of files with their proper icon. The same goes for the songs, once you open any of them, they should appear differently to the BBM.

That’s great.
Once again, cheers for your help.