Cant import songs into ONE folder, but can to all others (?)

On each SD card and in the BB software, I keep a MASTER folder, which has all the songs I’ve created, in alphabetical order. I also set up a folder for each gig, with the setlist for that gig. We often add songs to our master list so when I create a new .sng I typically export it to the BB SONGS folder, then import it into the MASTER so it’s always there.

However, suddenly, when I’m in the MASTER FOLDER in the BB software, if I click FILE, then IMPORT, the “song” choice is greyed out and I can’t import to the MASTER folder. I can import it to any other folder, just not the MASTER. I can also click/drag it to any folder, OTHER than the MASTER folder. I am using

There are 99 .sng’s in the MASTER folder. Is there a limit?


There is a limit in of 99 songs and 99 folders. Don’t know if the folder/song limit has been increased in 1.6.6c beta.

I don’t know about the beta either, but because of the ability to use MIDI exclusive events to change songs and a limit in the arguments to those MIDI events, I don’t see them ever going over 128 folders (0-127) with 128 songs in them. The limit of 99 is probably a limit on a string variable they’re using somewhere that only takes two characters. A limit of 128 (0-127) would be a MIDI imposed limit. It is possible to work around this limits, but I can see where it would be a hassle.

Really if you need more than 9,801 (99 x 99) or 16,384 (128 x 128) songs on the pedal I think it’s time for a new project.

We only play abt 40 songs per gig give or take 5. But having the entire library in one folder is helpful for that occasional request or last minute set change. I can always make an A-K and L-Z to accomodate the master list as it grows. Thanks for clearing that up!

You’re welcome. Perhaps you should consider organizing your songs by genre, then possibly alphabetically.