Can't load a 6x6 song (or any new song)

The title speaks for itself!
I only stuck in the song that opens when I start the Aeros.
Is there a way to re-update the firmware? The page says “all up to date” but I want to do it again. Maybe there went wrong something.

@Sigitar Thank you for emailing me.

For anyone else experiencing this issue, please email me directly at - Please remember to include the firmware version as well as the SN number on the bottom plate of the Aeros. Thank you.


I have exactly the same problem as Sigitar.

My Serial is SN: 0035-1176.

And the firmware is the version visible on the picture I have attached.

Please tell me what to do cause I obviously can’t use the looper.



I also have this issue; I have emailed the support email provided here.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American peers!
Just wondering if anyone knows how to reset the Aeros and reload the firmware? Maybe that will fix my problem?

@winterneuro and everyone. There is no need to reset the Aeros anymore for these types of issues. We have a new firmware update (not yet released) that completely solves the issue.

Download the file below, rename is to aeros.bin and then place it on an empty SD card 4-32 GB in size. Place it in the Aeros, then turn it on. Firmware update takes 10 min to complete. It solves all issues like this.

Here is the file:

If there are any issues or difficulties, please email me at

Got the new firmware installed. So far I can delete and create new songs! :slight_smile: Playing test will take place in a little bit, but it looks like I am at least able to use my loop studio.

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Beatbuddy Support, when’s the official release of the update? Is it exactly the same as the one you posted?
I haven’t had any major problems with mine since the last update but I’m still tempted to try this one…

@johngale77 If we find no bugs in it (and so far we have not) it should be released right after the weekend.

Gotcha… Even though it just got unofficially released right? :slight_smile:

So far so good! Have created new songs, and was able to record 6x6 songs. tempo from BB via Midi seems to be working as it should. no bugs found, but I’ve not really done too much with it.