Can't load downloaded songs from BeatBuddy in BBManager!

I don’t know how to fix this…any ideas?

Are you trying to create a project? If so, this is how: File > Open Project (and select the drive containing the SD card). Once opened, save it to your computer, and link it for future synchronizations (when prompted to do so).

After a project is created, you will need to import the SNG files (the songs) into a folder in your BeatBuddy Manager: File > Import > Song

Also, if you have version 1.5.01 of the BBManager (the official current version) you will not be able to import any “one press” songs, so just keep that in mind.

Let us know if this fixed it or if you need further assistance. :slight_smile:

This did not work would not save a copy and like I said I could not import songs into what I guess is the open project. I could import sets but not the songs as instructed in the videos. I hace a 2010 MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM. I need to speak with someone on the phone or in a chat. I can not modify the content of my pedal making it not functional for me.


Is the song you downloaded from the forum one of the 500+ note ones (i.e. the “one press” songs)? If so, only the upcoming version of the BBManager (currently beta) will support those. Upon importing/saving one of the unsupported songs into the current version of the BBManager, you’d get an error message. Do you see one when you try to import? What does it say?

We can arrange a phone support session if you’d like. Email me at and we will arrange something together. :slight_smile:

Where can i download bbm beta 1.6 ?

Email BBSupport for anything ‘beta’.

Have done that and been waiting for an answer 1 week now.

About five days ago we had a new beta version of the software ready but it had some issues so it couldn’t be sent to any requesters in the last few days. We just received it all fixed up. I will send it to you momentarily.

EDIT: Only the Windows version is ready, the Mac one has a bug that is being worked on at the moment.