Can't sync with my sd card

I am having a big issue syncing with card. Overtime I try to export project to SD card I get this message:
"Unable to create destination folder /DRUMSETS

What would you like to do?"

I try try but nothing happens and I have also tried abort which just ends up with no sync. Any help would be much appreciated. I am running mac with latest bb manager software. Thanks!

Check that the SD card in your card reader or computer isn’t write protected.

Thanks for the quick reply – definitely not write protected or locked – did double check that… also was able to reload firmware onto card without issue.

it occurs when the syncing starts “copying files… DRUMSETS”

I would start from scratch but first export any songs or folders which you have created. Then open project from pedal and save it to your computer. You should now have the default files from the SD card, now add you folders and songs back to the project and sync…it should work.

If it doesn’t maybe there is a fault with the SD card, so if possible try another card.

Thanks. Will pick ups new card just in case and try your rec. will keep you posted.

followed your advice to restart everything – now it works. thanks for all your help – you guys rock!

I am having exactly the same issue. Tried to follow these instructions but my BB manager menu options do not match these instructions (running version Very frustrated. How can this issue be resolved?

Figured out a work around as starting from scratch and proceeding through the BB manager menus did not work. With a new SD card, simply dragged the folders/files within the new project folder I created using BB manager onto the SD card. Works perfectly.