Can't transfer to pedal

When I save a project I attempt to send to pedal. I get all the info that it’s connected and it asks me if I want to send, I click ok. Problem is when I go back to the pedal the new songs didn’t load. It’s exactly as before. Any advice?

What exactly do you do?

You need to copy over four content folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS and PARAMS from your project directory to the SD card. Usually this can be done via BBManager with Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal. It also allows you to save the path to your SD card so you can later use Import - Export > Synchronize Project for that.

When I attempted to do this, I went back and all of the songs including the preset songs are GONE. How do I get them back?

Delete everything from SD card. Download content from the download page[/URL] - you need [URL=‘’]SD card backup. Plug the SD card either directly to your computer (if you are on Mac, this is the only way currently), or via the BeatBuddy (only for Windows machines).
Extract the downloaded archive so that those four uppercase folders are located on the root of the SD card.
This will fix your problem.

Now import this content to your BBManager using Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal. Select where your SD card is.

Also, please read the official guides! This will definitely help you understand your BeatBuddy better. Have fun :slight_smile:

I got the files back from a copy I saved on my travel stick. When I attempted to send the files to the card I get this message: Send songs to E? That’s all it will let me do. My computer won’t read the SD card so that’s not an option.

You don’t send anything to anywhere. If your computer has no SD card reader and if you have Windows on your computer, you can plug BeatBuddy to it with the USB cable.

Prepare your USB cable, but don’t plug it yet.
Press Win+E - both buttons simultaneously.
Windows Explorer will open. You will see a number of hard drives you have in your computer.
Plug BeatBuddy USB cable.
Notice how in that Windows Explorer window a new drive will appear.
Double-click it.

Now here is where you need to put your four content folders to.

Download the archive I’ve told you earlier and save it to this folder that you have just opened.
Right click the archive, select Extract Here…

Ok I did this and when I try to export the drumset I get a message that selection location does not contain project.

I’m really frustrated. The only thing this did was to wipe my SD and bring back the factory. I still can’t get the songs over to the Pedal and I have gigs on the weekend. I was better off leaving it alone. Any suggestions?

So you have an SD card that works? Start by importing the project from the pedal into the manager software, make a small change eg tempo, kit or folde and sychronise - does it work? If yes you can create a new folder and start creating you set list. When done synchronise.

Yes, The SD card loaded when I wiped it clean and unpacked the RAR file. Problem is that it won’t send anything to the software I get a message that the selection does not contain a project. If I try to export from the software I have to do it by individual folders and then there is no change to the pedal itself after about 20 minutes of exporting. I don’t know how this could work yesterday and not work today.

As Daef asked, what do you mean by “Send” there is no such command in the manager software. You Synchronise project with pedal or Export project to pedal - Exporting folders will not make changes to the data on the BB.

Unfortunately due to you not explaining yourself well you are performing tasks that probably don’t need to be completed.

Have you watched my videos and read the tutorial post?

If you have a .BBP file, you use File > Open Project. If you have only four content folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS and PARAMS (this is exactly your case) - you use Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal then select the folder that contains them to import the content to the BBManager.

When I open the beatbuddy card its showing the the project only has 156K as the file size. Somehow its saving the project as a shortcut.

OK When I try to synchronize I get a message that its up to date and no further synchronization is needed. When I export what’s open on my screen which includes song files I have added I get a message that’s its copying files to destination. When I disconnect the pedal from the USB, none of the songs that I have added appear, just the factory beats.

Are you sure you have added any songs to begin with? Did you use Export - Import > Import Song for each of them before synchronizing?

I was able to finally export to the pedal and the new songs I did all have the bass drum missing even though they sound fine when you play the sequences individually on the PC>

Can you just explain what you did to resolve the issue as users searching the forum may appreciate the solution as well, as would we.

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