Can't upload a .sng file


I’ve been uploading songs over the last month or so without issue. All of a sudden, if I try to upload a song I get an error page (We’re Terribly Sorry - This is not the page your looking for) as soon as I try to “Add File” or even “Submit” a topic. I’ve tried Internet explorer and Chrome and it doesn’t seem to be a browser issue. Any suggestions?


Can’t really comment about those browsers, but my Firefox uploads sng’s normally.


It might be that the song file is just too large. There are a lot of loops in it so I’ll try to compress it. Thanks.


I found out that it was an apostrophe that was in the file name as well as in the subject of the post. Talk about temperamental! Sheesh! Hahaha. Needless to say don’t use punctuation in the subject line or in the file name of the .sng filename!