Casio PX5S and beat buddy midi control

I’m new to the music and electra world in the ways of midi controlling items. My question is if it wasn’t clear in the heading was to control the beat buddy via midi by way of key stroke or other available midi option to start and stop beat buddy.

I have played other keyboard stat have a midi sync function that allows the player not to worry about activating the drums off tempo. Can I accomplish this with all of the new upgrades beat buddy offers?

Looking forward to hearing a solution. I’ll apologize ahead of time for my midi technical ignorance! lol

So you want to be able to start, stop, queue fills and transitions on the BeatBuddy solely via MIDI In (without touching its main pedal)?
As far as I know, this is not currently possible, but may become possible in one of the future firmware updates.

This is what Im asking for too... It would make the BB a composer weapon and a live playing missile :cool: for me! Im playing with two looper and KemperProfiler and everything is controlled via midi except BeatBuddy. It would be so helpful, to include BB in the midi-chain…
PLEASE SingularSound-team, make it happen…