Change Transition using an External Midi Controller

As written in the manual :
Transition (CC-113)● Enable : The BeatBuddy will triggers a transition when a custom
transition message is received. You can select which part to go
after the transition by setting the value of the command to the
index of the part you want to jump. The transition will continue
playing in a loop until the value is changed to 0.○ Value 1 → Part 1○ Value 2 → Part 2○ Value 3 → Part 3○ Value 127 → Next Part○ Value 0 → BeatBuddy ends transition and goes to the
selected song part as specified in the original value, as
specified above.● Disable : The BeatBuddy ignores all Transition Fill message i

I have tried with different external midi controller but there is no way to specify the value of the cc.
When i press the cc113 button in any external midi device it send only 0 or 127 values.

So, please help me to return to the main part by clicking a button !!

Thanks All

Not so. Behringer’s big board will send CC values, as will the MorningStar MFC-10, the Voodoo Labd pedals, and the old Digitech PMC-10s (my personal favorite old-school pedal). All of them send the CC in the form:
[]Channel ###
]CC ###
[*]Value ###
And, although the vast majority of pedals only send PC commands, I can’t imagine why a pedal would let you send a CC without a non-extreme value. What controller are you using?


Thanks for the answer… i think the problem is the controller… I’m a keyboard player, and i want to control my beatbuddy using my hands to perform drum fill. I have tried with two different controller. akai ldp8 and behringer umx610.
Now, I’m working around it using a midi input transformer ( Midi controller is connected by usb midi interface to a pc )…

Oh! Okay…

So you would have to set each key to be non-touch-sensitive with a fixed value of whatever the CC value would be. But note that this is a two step process: You’ll need a press and a release MIDI message.

So – and with the caveat that I haven’t tested this, because I don’t have a keyboard I can program – I am guessing that if you wanted a given key to trigger a transition to, let’s say, Part 3, you’d have to set
[*]Key press: CC113, VALUE=3, and

[*]Key release CC113, VALUE=0.
The press starts the transition and sets the “destination” part, and the release ends the transition and lands you in the “destination” part. Now, that assumes that I’ve read the BB end correctly in your original post – that the value you send maps directly to the part number. But you SHOULD be able to get transitions to different parts with a press-release strategy, assuming your keyboard supports that.

Make sense?

If you try it PLEASE(!!!) let me know if that worked.

Thanks – good luck!