changing name of drumsets?

Is it possible to change the name of the drumsets to a recognisable one?

Fro example instead of 07CF63E1.DRM can we rename it to Jazzbrushes.drm ?

What do you need to do that for? You should not be editing the SD card directly it will break the file structure and you will then need to restore the content.

Well in the manager software under the Drumsets tab when I go to open a drumset, all I can see are these cryptic names of the drumset - I have no idea what is what…btw I am editing just the virutal SD card before syncing it when I have it all set as I want.

Further, the drumsets I have bought and downloaded all have normal names so the BB can obviously see them, hence I thought the factory names could be changed too.

But if it’s going to “upset the apple cart” I will leave them as is :slight_smile:

This sounds very strange! Are you double clicking on the Drumset to open it? If so you can rename them, see my drum editor tutorials on how to do that. However if you are trying to import a Drumset and you are pointing at the SD card or a backup of the data then only once imported should you rename them.

You can export drum sets using “save as” and give it any name but once on the pedal they will have an 8 character hexidecimal number followed by “.drm” - the manager software can read this and show a meaning full name. The information for what file is what is contained within csv files on the SD card but it is best not to touch them.

Oky dokes - gotcha thanks:)

I wasn’t dbl clicking, I was going to the header menu where it says drumsets - then open drumset

to clarify the path - it is D:\Beatbuddy Data\DM BeatBuddy Workspace\user_lib\projects\DM-1 - Project\DRUMSETS

I tried to change the name of the stock drum kits - you have to copy them to the user section first. To change the name of the drum kit, you have to open the kit in the drum kit maker, then single click on the name of the drum kit in the upper left corner of the main window of the kit editor. A window will pop up allowing you to change the name of the kit. This works in firmware v1.7.5.

Nice one thanks!

Happy to help.

I agree with Psalm40 - never (almost) muck with the files outside of the BBManager. The complexities of the way files have to combine to form songs and kits is beyond what the OS can manage so the BB has it’s own way of keeping track of stuff. If you manipulate the various piece/parts within BBManager, the results should always be compatible with the BB.

I think that’s how some of the users wipe out some or all of their content - they try to move stuff around or rename stuff outside of the BBManager. The end result is that the BB can’t find those pieces or parts because they don’t track to the way the BB keeps it’s books.

good advice Rob (and Psalm40) - advice I am going to heed as well :slight_smile: