Cheap Foot pedal BeatBuddy

Got my beat buddy, put it in my Guitar case. Later found that the foot pedal came apart? F’n cheap. I repaired it, but it’s going to happen again… Going to return it. It’s pathetic that a $300 item is this cheap. They should have used c-rings so that the pin does not fall out… No response from support.

Well finally got a response from support. I don’t what I’m going to do here since this will continue to happen.
Sound quality and the concept is awesome though.

What did Support say? What actually happened? Which pedal? What broke? A picture is worth a thousand words.

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The main single pedal switch, like on other foot pedals. The problem is that the pin that sides through the foot switch which keeps it place has no c-rings to ensure the pin does not slide out. The use a rubber gasket to keep the pin from sliding out which
is totally stupid and cheap. They said they send me another BeatBuddy. I don’t know, because it will happen with all these sometime or another. I was thinking of threading the pin so that I can screw in a thin washer to prevent this from happening, but
I shouldn’t have to make a fix on a product that was only hours old////.


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Sounds like you got a defective pedal. I’ve used mine vigorously for 3+ years without a problem.

Before you take any action, give Support a chance to replace your pedal under warranty. They’ve been exceptionally good about handling any issues. I think they ship your replacement once they receive yours. Good luck

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The pin is friction-fit (what rubber gasket?), which usually does not cause problems. I HAVE had this happen to one of mine – I had the pedal on a severe angle to my foot and was hitting the corner of it rather than straight on, and the offset pressure squeezed the pin out – but once in over 300 shows is not an endemic design issue. A dab of Blue Loctite has held it in place in the year since it worked its way out. I believe the problem is quite uncommon, and it’s an easy fix.

And if they’re willing to replace it for free, I’m not sure what the issue is.

Am I missing something?

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Yes there are two small rubber gaskets inside on either side where the pin goes. It’s still a bad design since my pedal came off without even stepping on this pedal, BRAND NEW, it literary fell apart in my guitar case. Blue Loctite works great for threaded screws/parts (vibrations etc…), but I can’t see it working on a smooth pin. On a good note, contrary to some reviews I read on Amazon, their support is good, they contacted me via email. Debating on either replacing it or returning for another manufacture…
Thank you Joe and all for your help!!!

I thought the same about Loctite, but it has worked for me, the pin is tight enough on mine that it grabbed just fine and has held for a year and some 100-plus shows and rehearsals.

It’s weird that it just fell out, so I’d take them up on their offer to replace.

I’ll try using Loctite, if it works for you, I’ll give it a try. The drum samples do sound amazing and pretty easy to use… I run a machine shop, and I was thinking of drilling and tapping a screw on either side of the pin (assuming this part is not harden?), and then use a thin washer and screwing down so it can’t slide out.

I wanted to do the same thing, but I don’t have the tools at my disposal to make such a fine hole and tread-cut. But mine was tight enough that the Loctite Blue worked fine.

Maybe you can talk to Support, tell them you’re going to try the Loctite, and ask that if it doesn’t work, can you send it back for replacement.

Support has been amazing for the BB, so it’s worth the ask.

I would have thought a clevis pin would be the better option.

It might be, but there’s no room on the standard pin for the tang. And adding one from the factory would likely invite people to remove it and pull the pin to see what’s underneath.

But if I can find one that fits, if it ever happens again, that’s what I’ll try to do.