Check mark near drumsets means??????

watching the tutorial videos is giving me the feeling that unless a drumset is “checked”, it’s not available for a song to use. I don’t find this to be the case.
What is the purpose of checking a drumset?

Just that. If you have edited a drum kit you need to tick it to make it avaiable, if you don’t tick it, it won’t be available.

So conversely, if I have NOT edit a drumset, that is why the checkbox isn’t present? And, since I haven’t edited, it’s automatically available. Correct?

Before doing any editing please save a copy of any work to a hard drive first.

Just had a look and you can get rid of the check box option by first closing current drumset in the dropdown menu. Then select song with one click and click delete drumset in dropdown menu. First it will ask to delete drumset from work space and get rid of the check box. Click ok. Then it will ask to delete drumset from project. Click no.


In short, the checkbox means to load the drumset to the pedal when sync’ing. If the drumset is not checked, it won’t be available on the pedal.