Checking In

I just received a BB and have just scratched the surface of using it in my set list of songs. Don’t know if I’ll even use it on stage as of yet but I’m quite impressed by the idea (and the drummer who made the samples!). My only reservation so far has been mentioned by others. There do not seem to be suitable “songs” for jazz or quieter numbers and the lead-ins are way too aggressive for those type songs. The blues and rock choices are great and so far seem to work well with those genres. Anyway, Hi all and ain’t technology great?

The thing with the BeatBuddy is that unlike, let’s say, Boss RC-3, where you are locked in with using at about nine built-in drumset patterns (none of which is even remotely useable), the BeatBuddy content can easily be altered.

Just check out the forum as you may find some beats that satisfy you much more.
In the end, you can just use a MIDI editor and create a set of beat patterns, and then using BBManager - come up with a new BeatBuddy song! Just don’t forget to share with us! :slight_smile:

Have now used the manager to create a new “folder” with drum parts for around 30 songs in my set list. Getting them onto the pedal worked perfectly. Also downloaded the Jazz Brushes set and loops which add to the selections available. What I’ve noticed is that what seems to sound good when working with the manager does not necessarily sound correct when used live. Some of the songs are right on the money but others that sounded close in the manager, need to change. Some sort of search engine is needed. It is time consuming to find just the right combination of drum set and loop for a particular song. Some sort of reference base of time signature and maybe notation would help to pick just the right combination without having to randomly choose loops that look like they might fit hoping they’ll fit the song. We musicians know exactly the drum sequence we want but it’s kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack to find it. Anyway, having fun with this thing:)

Does anyone else run the Beat Buddy through a Bose L1 along with guitar and vocal? It sounds pretty good in a small space and will be interesting to see how it works in a large space.

Well, you are definitely right that there are discrepancies in sound between BBManager sounding and the pedal.
Always treat BBManager as a rough preview.

I’ve found the challenge with the Bose L1 is microphone feedback when you’re running it at a high volume with and the more sound sources you run through it the greater the likelihood of it happening. When working with the L1 you’re not supposed to need a monitor but for high volume you need to place it very off-axis from the mic and you might find that a monitor is necessary. I still always use a near-field monitor for just the BeatBuddy because that beat has to be good and loud when I’m hollering :slight_smile:

Agree completely that a monitor is still needed with the Bose system. I use in-ear monitoring which, to me, is essential when playing complex songs. When playing 3 chord rock songs, I guess it’s not all that important. I hate using in-ear but it seems to be the only way without lugging around way too much wedge gear. I am considering using a tube amp I have for the Beat Buddy should I decide to use it for gigs. The main challenge with it imo is to have it complement my songs and style rather than having to alter my songs and style to accommodate it. So far, many of my songs do not sound right when using it because the rhythm is not quite right. That may well change as I get better at using it.

I wonder whether the drum set .wav files can be used with my own midi loops, produced on a digital drumset like a Yamaha or from a midi keyboard. That might be a way to produce customized song files???

In answer to your question - you can import any (clean) midi file (max 500 events) into the BB manager and build up your own song, just ensure that they match the mapping of the BB. With the latest firmware version this is even easier as you can even trigger the samples in the BB form an external midi source like a Keyboard or even electronic drum kit with a Midi out.