Choosable Default Song Title with Autonumber

I way I use the Aeros is to generate new song ideas. With the current naming mechanism, I end up with songs on the SD card named
to make sure I don’t overwrite sonething already saved. Taking time to come up with individual names for these is a cumbersome, multi-step process and which I find breaks the creative flow.

It seems that an option to set a default songname (Ex. SONG_), perhaps in the SETTINGS section, and an autonumber option (perhaps as an option button on the EDIT screen). The resulting songs created would be quickly named SONG_001, SONG_002, SONG_003, etc. for different compositions or CROSSROADS_001, CROSSROADS_002, CROSSROADS_003 for different takes, which would make workflow in these situations much smoother with minimal programming effort.


Hey there, we don’t believe we will go this route, so I will tag as considered, thank you for your feedback.

I will to look into the naming issue you are having, feel free to repost as a bug report for ease of tagging/tracking, thank you!

Hey so we are rethinking this and may like to do it eventually, changing the tag to med-long-term for this reason, thank you !

Done in 5.0.x! Almost on WiFi :slight_smile:

Changed tag to #implemented