Clarifying statement on Aeros firmware updates

Yeah sounds and feels like Loss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey, he did say that BB is getting an update this week. I’ve got 6 days counting down on my watch. Let’s see how this plays out.

(Also, AnthonySostre: I would be careful about boasting that BB has been around 7 years. How many updates have there been in that time? More importantly, what is the ratio of promised-to-delivered updates and features? Why do you think it is good customer relations to constantly defend the reasons you haven’t delivered, then blame users for not finding workarounds, and blame users for misinterpreting the “accidental” deletion of “Lifetime Support” from your website along with an email blast announcing that support will exist at least for 2 more years. Wouldn’t Lifetime Support and a stable company simply imply that updates will continue indefinitely? I wasn’t really wondering until you brought it up by spamming us all about it.)

They released the BB update today.

Nope. It is somewhat confusing and you might infer that, but you might be wrong. To be fair that depends on what is meant by Updates and Lifetime Support.

A stable company needs continued revenues to cover costs. Legacy products are a big challenge to this as their revenue stream goes away. Practically, there are very few companies that can continue to add features or fix all bugs forever … or support ancient desktop/mobile operating systems … or depend upon ancient standards (USB, Wifi, SDCards, and Bluetooth will all lose traction at some point). At some point it’s not practical (technically) and at some point economics shift development to the newer revenue generating products (since they support the software development). For all practical purposes (and from what has been said by SS), they expect to keep on making changes/adding features very likely after the end of 2023 and fix critical issues as long as they are able. My gut is the product will reach maturity and the big changes will naturally slow down with the occasional big change (e.g., autopilot mode of the BB)

I don’t know how much power is inside the Aeros (CPU, memory), but this hardware has a lot of capability … and I’d love to see it become a platform that allowed for new capabilities to be added (for an extra fee). I’d pay to have the BB inside the Aeros even if it required a midi footswitch in practice.

This thread seems to be going in circles and encouraging overly passionate responses. I hope this settles down.


So, a midi controller with the BeatBuddy and Aeros inside? The mind boggles (nicely).

Nahhhh. $700 is enough as is and it still can’t do what some cheaper loopers can (yet). I just don’t like that kind of platform. Especially if someone goes and pays for something and then something down the road happens to whatever you paid for because they screwed up the firmware later on and then you don’t have the thing you paid for etc. etc… too many bumpy roads for something like that to exist.

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