[closed] Unplugging footswitch advances song

Hi Folks,

every time I plug or unplug the foot switch the menu advances 2 songs.
No biggie as I don’t do that very often, but I thought you’d like to know.


Re: Unplugging footswitch advances song

While it is not exactly normal, it is not supposed to be fixed. When you plug/unplug pedal, you really close contacts that should, well, detect closing. In any way, you shouldn’t plug your foot switch too often :slight_smile:

Unplugging footswitch advances song

Fine by me if that’s what supposed to happen :slight_smile:

The rubbing of the metal parts (while connecting or disconnecting the cable) sends off a signal, which is why that happens. Just try not to connect/disconnect your footswitch from your BeatBuddy while your BeatBuddy is on, and this won’t happen. :slight_smile: