Cocaine Blues


Just like Johnny, just repeats forever. The ending will take some practice to double click at the right time if you are like me, have fun!


Hi jlaustill,
can you attach the midi files? I’d like to move that break in the beat to a fill position. That way if you happen to mess up words, you can pick up without the song cutting you off.


No problem! Options are good :slight_smile:

I only ask that you share what you create so everyone can benefit.


Also, this song sure has a boatload of words to remember don’t it :slight_smile: lol


Hi jlaustill, thanks for the midi files… here is the version with the break moved to the fill position. Might allow for a little more flexibility if a guy was to mess up… not that any of us ever mess up! Haha :wink:


Hey shawn .when practicing this at home, I nailed the break everytime,
at ‘work’ , I missed it every time (‘mess up’) … had to fain hiccups, then jump in & hang on …
no one really noticed but the bass plyr …lol …
maybe it’s my fill queue % that needs to change.
(going to have to write down update, ( Slow, I, or Stuck …lol)


I’m not really sure what the problem could be. I haven’t worked with the fill queues or any of the behind the scenes settings. Sorry, I’m just getting songs to work for me! LOL :wink:


I have been trying to get my midi files to work and I just can’t seem to get them to load into BB Manager and I am using Guitar Pro 5.2
It keeps telling me it’s not matching with BB Manager. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong.


Sorry, I’m not familiar with Guitar Pro.


Haha… nice. I might have to create the beat for that song… you just inspired me! LOL


Wow, since when did Guitar Pro start telling anything about BBManager? That doesn’t sound correct :slight_smile:

Can you please explain in details what exactly you are doing and have troubles with?


BB does say anything about BBManager. I have this program Guitar Pro and it allows me to lay out all the midi tracks from midi files and delete everything except the midi drum patterns. I’m just trying to figure out if this should work or should I invest into another program that compatible with BBManager. If I need another software program what would you suggest. I’m looking at EZ Drummer but I don’t want to buy until I know what to buy. any suggestions would be appreciated.


I use Guitar Pro 5.2 and have zero problems with editing MIDI samples for my BeatBuddy pedal using BBManager.

If I knew your exact problem, I would offer some advanced help.


Have I got a list for you then … lol


I open Guitar Pro. Import the midi i want to fool with. I eliminate all the tracks except the drums and then i save it. It gets saved in a midi folder and when i try to import the song into BBManager i can’t find it in the saved folder. Obviously, there are a few steps in GG5.2 that i must be leaving out. Nothing in the help section that’ll bail me out of this problem.


I have never used this software so I will have to pick you up on your wording. I assume if you save the song it will be saving it as a guitar pro file, so you will need to save or export the song as a midi, also are you changing the name of the file. You can save the file anywhere it does not have to be in the midi files folder. The BeatBuddy plays the imbedded midi files in the sng file not the midi file itself.


Got your problem now!
You don’t save a file with Guitar Pro. Rather you select File > Export > MIDI. You don’t need a GP5 file, you need a MID one.


Thank you very much. I’ll give that a try now to see if it works.