Coming Soon features called out in latest Aeros Manual

The latest manual calls out several features coming in a future release. They are indicated with a red note/asterisk.


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Great! Thanks Quad

The 60MB colour manual is a work of art… but that’s not what we need at this stage of the development of the Aeros… I ordered my Aeros a couple of days ago, and I was almost going to cancel and wait a few months till it was a bit more developed… but I have taken a leap of faith but I would like to see much more communication from SS that tells me what is being worked on and when we can expect it… the manual can be just black and white, words only as far as I am concerned. Thanks very much for your consideration.

Agree, especially for the price point of this product. That said, I shudder to think if the manual is not updated what will happen.

To really understand "how things work now and “what is coming”, I find myself having to scan the manual for changes (not an easy task), look at the change logs, and read various posts on various boards, watch the occasional video.

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It’s interesting watching this unfold. I can understand some peoples’ frustration. I’m surprisingly not bugged about the way things are rolling out, mainly because I know that when most of this stuff is done, this is gonna be the most amazing looper out there. They seem to be attentive and are updating things as soon as it makes sense to. This is a lot different than the people pissed off about the way the Akai MPC live featureset is slowly unfolding - product’s been around about 3 years and still has some pretty fundamental features missing. I don’t see Aeros doing that, also because they’re not owned by some huge corporate conglomerate.

yeah, i’m ok with it, the way I see it is that there is a significant discount for being an early adopter, and hopefully our feedback will get to shape how it is developed

I wish I could be cool with that. It’s not an accepted practice that an Introductory Price translates into paying to be a Beta Tester, not unless that is somehow specifically conveyed before I made the purchase. I get a little more upset every day that I cannot save to an SD Card or load a saved song via MIDI. I get the horrible feeling that loading via MIDI will be tied to the release of the Maestro, and now that I’ve looked at how that release has gone I’m more worried about this then ever.

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