Complete Song MIDI File

I’m considering purchasing the BB. I have GM midi files that are complete midi song tracks. Can I use the drum track in the BB so It will play the song in it’s entirety without user intervention - pressing peddle for fills, transition, etc. I hope this makes sense. Also please forgive me if this has been covered.

Well, I guess I should have looked down a little further in the post here. Someone already asked this question and it doesn’t look like it does this. Not sure if this is a deal breaker but it certainly doesn’t give me much advantage over using my current drum machines.

Well, BeatBuddy is currently intended more to the live / gig playing style more. You know, for more dynamic beats.

Sometimes you want 3 bars of a main part, then a fill, sometimes 5 bars and then a fill, and then 12 bars without any fills, then transition - but only 1 bar of chorus main part - then transition back, and etc.

Compare this to a well predefined song structure of 3 verse bars - fill - 3 verse bars - transition - 3 chorus bars - fill - 3 chorus bars - transition - etc.

While I myself would prefer the second option (by far!), currently this can be achieved only via careful timing of your presses. I would personally like to have such a “Backing Track mode” for BeatBuddy ASAP.

Yes, some of the songs we do have very distinguished drum patterns. Think of Anita Baker’s Sweet Love or Sade’s Sweetest Taboo. There are also in a jazz set where there is improv I can definitely see how different bars and fills would come into play. I could incorporate EZDrummer rhythms and use them at will for whatever feel was going on at that time. But a backing track mode would definitely put me in the mix for one of these. Still thinking…