Complete songs

Can I load a song into this unit, such that it will play the drum part from beginning to end, without me having to tap any pedals? Thanks for the help!

Yes but you should use f/w 1.8.5 and the latest beta of BeatBuddy Manager. Check out one-press songs & songs with bass in the Resources section of this forum.

Thank you, but I don’t see a “Resources” section anywhere. Could you direct me?

Scroll UP to the top of this page.

Scroll UP to the top of this page.

Thanks. I’m gonna pull the trigger on this one. I really hope it adds to my enjoyment and development as a guitar player. I’m stoked!

“One Press Songs” has been changed to “Song Files” now, in the Resources section? I’m asking as my back-ordered BB is scheduled to ship this week.

Not just one press. I believe it includes all songs

I’ve read about “one press” and it seems pretty simple but I haven’t yet found much documented on the specifics. I’m assuming one press is simply one midi file in a song, correct? To build a one press song, where does the midi file go, as an intro or main part, or does it matter?

The default BeatBuddy songs are traditional in the sense that the songs that come with your pedal generally follow an intro, verse, chorus, and outro format. Each section of the song is limited to <500 midi notes.

One-press songs on the other hand are not limited to 500 midi notes per section and if you have the later beta versions of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), can also play bass notes. Advocates for one-press and one-press with bass usually place the main loop (containing all of the drum and bass notes) in a single section placed in either the Intro Fill, the Main Drum Loop or the Outro Fill “slots” in the BBM. If you place the main in the Intro Fill or the Outro Fill, the BBM requires the Main Drum Loop slot to be filled. Users get around this by placing a null or ender loop in this slot. Using the Intro Fill slot allows the user to single-press the pedal to start a song and using the Outro Fill slot allows the user to start the song with two presses. To play a one-press (OP) or an OP with bass (OPB), you will need one of the drum sets found in Resources that includes bass.

Dive in and get your feet wet. If you don’t have one of the newer beta BBM versions ask for it. Download the drum sets with bass and some of the OPB songs from different users in Resources and try them to see which one works best for you. Once you open the songs in the BBM Midi Editor, you’ll get a better sense of the descriptions above.

Alright, a couple more questions. What is a null or ender loop file and are they different, and how do I create one to use to get around the BB warning? And are any of these options truly one press? With a OP midi file placed in the outro for example, it’s actually 3 press song - one to start, two to trigger the outro, correct? If a OP file is placed in the intro, and is a null loop placed in the main loop section what is the behavior at the end of the intro, does the BB loop a null file or simply stop at that point? Thanks!

As you’ve probably figured out, the BBM expects a drum loop in the Main Drum Loop section; the Null or ender loop is simply a placeholder file that contains a Non-Supported midi note e.g., 47; they are pretty much the same file and both serve the same purpose. I use option-drag (Mac) or CTL-drag (PC) on a null or Ender section and copy it from an existing song to your new song Main Drum Loop section.
To have a true one-press song, you can place drums or drums and bass loop in the Intro Fill instead of the Outro Fill. It will work with a single press. There are pros and cons to placing the loop in either location and it’s your preference. Make sure to test the song you create by allowing it to play all of the way to completion in the pedal. Although the pedal is supposed to stop when the song ends, it may not do so.

Ok, so I still can’t quite figure this out. If I place an “ender” or null MIDI file in the main loop section the BB still loops that section. I guess technically this is a one press to play beginning to end with the OP file in the intro and then an empty file in the main section but it’s still two presses to stop since the BB advance to and then loops the null file. No big deal of course but am I missing something? Is there any way to make a truly one press song for the BB?

In a word, nope

It’s coming. Actually it’s IN the new version, just hidden. We’re still working out a few details of how we want it to work.

Hmmmm… I didn’t know any of that… You must have good collaborators!