Compress files with ZIP format


The BBManager and the Firmware update where released compressed in rar format.
Zip format is already integrated in Windows, rar needs to download and install an external utiity.
Nowadays more or less all “free” utilities come with some form to advertising.
Besides this, the differences between rar and zip formats in terms of final size are not dramatic.

Here you are my tests made with BBManager an Firmware:

  • BBmanager ( rar) 43.371 KBytes

  • BBmanager (zip) 43.360 KBytes

  • Firmware ( rar) 279 KBytes

  • Firmware (zip) 302 KBytes

So, I’m asking you to consider to switch to the Zip format for future files distribution.
Thank you


I personally approve of your suggestion. I was wondering why RAR format was even chosen, but never actually asked about it.

This should definitely be considered.


I changed the format of the firmware to zip.

The reason I chose rar was because when the BB Manager was zipped, the chrome browser kept thinking it was a ‘malicious file’ which would scare people… when compressed with rar though, the problem disappeared for some reason…