Computer software to access settings/features/uploads/downloads using the USB to connect to a computer would be extremely valuable

Computer software to access settings/features/uploads/downloads/loop management using the USB to connect to a computer would be extremely valuable…


The lack of computer software to do what you suggested is exactly the biggest reason I won’t consider a Aeros or even the Maestro. I don’t have a smartphone and the Android tablet I have has been particularly finicky about BT apps for connecting to devices I do have. I think a similar request was made sometime ago and the response was along the line of ‘not likely to happen’.
I do have an older Digitech looper that does have PC software for loop management through USB. The Digitech isn’t as capable as the the Aeros, but my uses for a looper are pretty basic and the software makes it very easy to do what I need to with loops. For what the Aeros does I would think something like a plugin for DAW software would be the way to go since it is in many ways a hardware DAW.


It sure seems Singular has missed this one. Rather essential to have a an Aeros PC application. I’d prefer Windows myself. Even if it just handled I/O of files to a DAW or? Please?

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We likely will never do this, but appreciate the feedback

The USB port can not handle audio streaming

Aeros beta 5.0.0 can connect to a computer for easy file access