Connecting BeatBuddy to Mixer

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question. I am considering purchasing a BeatBuddy. I have a small studio setup in my home using a Behringer XR16 non-powered mixer, guitar through a Kemper amplifier and primarily listen through headphones so as not to disturb the neighbors. My question is this: can I connect the BeatBuddy directly to 2 channels of my Behringer XR16 non-powered mixer and be able to listen to it along with my guitar through my headphones? Or does the BeatBuddy need to be amplified in some manner?

I have a Behringer XR12 which I use as my PA with Beatbuddy, Guitar and Microphone. I take this out to a powered speaker setup using the mains out L/R. The mixer has a headphone jack to use as a monitor if you are mixing or trying to troubleshoot. This could be used. Run both the beat buddy and Kemper into the XR16. Then you will need to go into routing options in the mixer editor and I would set the routing for the headphone monitor to to use the L/R output.