Copy a Song from another Drum Machine?

Being a total rank amateur in BB, as i just got mine this week, I was wondering if it was possible to copy a whole song from another drum machine (via midi) to the BB. I was using an Alesis SR-16 and had all 100 song spaces used…now a song in the Sr-16 is a collection of what they called “patterns” with fills in actual time. I know one of the patterns can be uploaded to the BB as they did it for me at the music store where I bought the BB. I had a favorite for standards on the SR-16 and they were able to copy it onto the BB. Now I wonder if I couldn’t just copy the whole 100 songs and save me the time to select and program new ones on the BB…which I will eventually get around to doing…The BB is much more gig friendly and perfect for programming sets…the “16” is not.

I am not sure if you can export separate MIDI patterns out of your Alesis, but if you can, you will be able to re-create your songs for the BeatBuddy.

At this point in time, there is no automatic converter for the BeatBuddy to create BBS/SNG songs from other formats directly.

It also depends on the suffix after the dot! If it says .SNG, you’re in. If it does not, then you would have to go the long way around and do one at a time. Just give it a try on a few and see what it does. I don’t think it will convert on it’s own. Anybody out there have some ideas about this.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.