copy/paste song parts

For instance, if you have a beat with fills and transitions and accent that you would like to use in a different song, the ability to copy that whole thing and paste it somewhere else.

That is currently available i the current version… Read the manual PDF on how to…

Not sure about accents though…

I read the manual and didn’t see it. Do you have a page reference? I know you can copy paste song tracks but I didn’t see anything about copying song parts. Thanks for your help!

This feature is in 1.4 version of the Manager software. There is a shortcut to the manager software manual in my Signature. It is in the section called Mission 2: Basic Editing.
However just hovering over a part guides you through the process - currently you can only do this to a single part (main loop, fill or transition) at a time but it still is a lot quicker than doing it manually.

Does it work with accents?

I don’t think so. Clicking on them should take you to the wave sources for the stock accent hit wav files so you just change them that way. They are also located on the SD card.

Yes, copy-paste works with accents as well as MIDI parts.

My mistake, personally I have never tried it.