Copying songs from one folder to a new one

While I love the amount to beats the beat buddy has, spending 15 minutes searching for the correct beat for a gig is a problem.

What I want to do is create a gig folder and artist sub folders and move songs that are in the Premium Content to that folder. i can’t figure out how to do this…

Any suggestions/help?

Try searching the forum for setlist or gig folder.

Here’s an example in post 21 of this thread Ok...just created 4 midi what?

The discussion in the tread you link to is a long rambling discussion with bickering and some “go figure it out on your own.” Not really what I need. But MAYBE reading between the lines, could this be a solution?

Export the files to a holding folder than re-import them to the folder I need them in?

You sound like those guys on “Stack Overflow” that aren’t really interested in helping, but are more interested in showing how dumb the original poster is.

So sorry you feel that way.

Yes - that’s how I do it. I also rename the beat after exporting it with the new song name.

Please know that Persist has been one of the most helpful people that I’ve dealt with in an on-line community. I’m not sure what “Stack Overflow” is but from the rest of your sentence, I thought it might be beneficial to know what Persist does for many of us.


I spent 50 years as a Software Developer and Engineer. In the Early 2000’s Stack Overflow was a forum for Software Developers to ask questions and get help. Many of the responders started trying to make people feel as though they were stupid for asking the question.

I am new to Beat Buddy and Beat Buddy Manager… persist DID help me with another question I had and I thank hm for it. But I am not familiar with BBM and the Foruml and I did search for the answer to my question before posting it. And if I HAD found the post without his help, I would have passed right over it because very little applied to exactly what I thought I needed.

I appreciate his directing me to the post, but a one liner saying what I spent about 20 minutes digging through the cruft in the post would have saved me a lot of trouble.

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