Count In Clicks....again

Is there a way to add a click track ot the beginning of an OPB song? I’m not a midi person… my eyes glaze over, but I am learning the BB Manager in baby steps.

The click tracks in the beginning of songs are typically activated by the count-in option in the BeatBuddy’s settings (via the menu option: Main Pedal > Intro > Count In)

However, most of the OPB songs place the main beat in the intro portion of the song. Activating the count-in on the BeatBuddy essentially replaces the intro portion and then the BeatBuddy will move on to the main beat section (where it is typically audibly empty in OPB songs).

So the only feasible way to get a click track on most OPB songs is to add it to the beginning of the MIDI file that is placed in the intro of the song (without activating the count-in option on the BeatBuddy).

There are also some OPB songs that place the main beat in the outro portion of the song, so if you are playing with one of those songs (or if you placed the main beat in the outro), you could technically activate the count-in and still have the main beat play from beginning to end in the outro portion of the song. However the issue with this method is that you will need to activate the outro immediately (by double tapping or hitting a footswitch button set to that function) after the count-in plays to get to the main beat, and that could easily mess up the timing, so it is not recommended.