Couple of issues. Can anyone help?

First issue is something that’s been happening for a while. Firstly, I use the Midi Maestro (customised) to control my BeatBuddy, which now sits at the back of my board untapped, so to speak. I have separate sets set up with different songs. If I change between sets, when I press to start the chosen song I get the intro of the previous song from the other set before I press again to start the chosen song. I haven’t yet had to change sets during a gig but it isn’t very professional, to say the least.

The other problem only cropped up yesterday when we went back to playing a couple of older songs during our regular Wednesday night live streams. Both have simple intro, verse, chorus and outro. All is okay for the intro, verse and chorus but when changing back to the verse the song pauses. I swapped over to my back-up BeatBuddy but the same thing happens. Can’t see anything obviously wrong in Manager.

Any ideas?

Is this an unedited song from the default content 2.1 and if so, which one? If not, perhaps you could share that song on the forum (as long as it’s not premium content).

What version of the firmware? If it’s the latest, have you tried rolling back to the previous version?

Edited song. Finding 3.9.0 has been working for me but went back to 3.8.0 with no change. I have a theory which I will be trying soon. If that doesn’t work will share. :slight_smile: And all our songs have been edited in some way with custom drum sets.

Still experimenting but realised that the two songs in question had accent hits but no transitions. When I deleted the accent hits part 2 went smoothly into part 1. (An edit on my initial comment. Part 2 didn’t pause, as I first said but stayed on the blank transition … pausing and unpausing got it going again). That was on 3.8.0. But on 3.8.0 my Aeros doesn’t respond to my Mid Maestro commands. Back to 3.9.0 and Aeros is happy but the two songs have gone back to a (constant) silent transition. WTF?

So, in actual fact, I have three issues here.

You should write to so they can help you sort this out and we can get you back on track!