Crack and Pop- Advice needed

I just uploaded Simpleman in resources and beats. I am running new manager and new firmware. On my computer I do not hear a pop. However, on the beat buddy there is an annoying crack or pop clearly on some bass notes. I am using the Vintage Ludwig kit with bass but I have tried many bass kits including one of the new kits that supposedly eliminates the cutoff of the bass notes. BTW- when I try the “Vintage Ludwig Bass- Nonperc” kit in all songs I have tried all of the bass notes actually overlap each other almost like a sustain -these songs work fine with other kits. My midi file looks clean to me so not sure what is happening. Can someone give me some suggestions. I would like to play this song at a gig tomorrow night.

The non percussion feature isn’t in the firmware yet. Hopefully next release!

So I am out of luck? Per chance can you load the simpleman song file I just posted to see if you hear the pops too and see if you see anything with the midi notes I can try. If not no worries. Thanks