Creating A Blank Or Null Midi File

i Need Help Creating A Null Or Blank Midi File. Im Using Studio One 4. Thanks

You can download songs from any of Phil_Flood or myself and use the nil, null or empty song sections as examples.

Thank You.I Am Trying To Make Backing Drum Tracks Of My Original Songs So I Can Go Out And Play Solo Gigs. Im Running Into Problems Creating Them.

Sorry to sound thick lol. I also need to load a blank midi file onto my BB - I am using a drum sequencer to midi stream the exact beats & fills i want from the Master but using the BB sounds as they’re amazing. The only problem is the BB simultaniously plays it’s built in beat. BB manager won’t allow me to load a blank midi file into the BB saying I’ve made a mistake cause I’ts blank…

If you have a blank song I can load to the BB could you put steps in the answer please, eg;
1 go to
2 click on ‘songs’
3 you get the piture lol

Thanks, Toby.

PS I’ve just got the midi cables today as i want to record asap

Empty (1.2 KB)

Download and unzip the two files (you can use either one of them depending on the drum set you are using in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Open your BBM, and click on the Main Loop section of the song where you want one of my Nil files to appear and navigate to the files you just unzipped. Select either one of them (I recommend using the Nil at 32.mid file) and press Open. You should now have an empty MIDI file that the BBM will play but without the audio.

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You Rock!!!

Thanks for that it works a treat! I’d have replied sooner had i not deleted my BB multiple times (my fault lol.)

Toby Live

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