Creating a Drumset using Logic Pro EXS consolidated caf files?

I’ve created songs in Logic Pro using the Drummer function, which uses the EXS sampler. By default, the Logic EXS sampler stores its samples in consolidated caf files. So each caf file contains many different samples - such as an entire cajon sample set (numerous bass hits, snare hits, pops, etc.).

It’s pretty straight forward to export the midi files of those tracks to Beat Buddy, but I’m not finding a way to export the consolidated caf files as individual wav samples. The converters that I’ve found online can convert the caf file to wav, but the result is one really long sample containing every hit in the consolidated caf file.

Anyone have an idea how the consolidated caf file can be converted into the individual samples in the file? or a simpler way to import these files into Beat Buddy?


I create individual tracks in Logic. I do 12 tracks at a time. That way, I can do one set a low velocity, then change the velocity to medium level then change to a higher level. At each step, I use the Export Tracks as Audio files options. That way I get 12 individual single hits. Yes, it is time consuming.

Thanks for the input. Another question if you can help - is there a way to copy an existing drum set, change the midi mapping of a few notes, and rename it, so the original drum set is still intact?

Or… where are the individual samples filed so I can create a custom drum set? I’m on a Mac…

See post #2 in the above thread. If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

The individual samples, unfortunately, get filed all over your hard drive. Singular kinda messed up it’s File management system with one of the firmware upgrades. On a Mac, use the Find function from within the Finder menus, and enter the name of the kit for which you want samples. Alternatively, enter the instrument name. You should get several hits, and several will have deeply embedded folders. When you find the folder you want, don’t move anything in it. Instead, copy and paste the whole folder to a new location that you can find, and then access the sample from that copied folder.

Oh, and what do you use to get an entire caf to convert to wav?

All great info. Thanks again Phil. I used an online caf to wav converter here:

Have another question: I’m trying to get the BB to play back pre-recorded (short) WAV audio tracks. I’ve successfully gotten the BB to play back a :10sec 1.8MB WAV file (I added the file to an existing drum set), triggered by a midi file in the Main Loop section of a song.

Thats great, but… the BB doesn’t loop the file like it does with all other midi parts. The file plays back once and stops, although the visual tempo bar keeps running, so the song is still going. The tempo of the song matches the tempo of the audio file. Any ideas?

Thanks again…

The loop should be entered as “percussion” in the drum kit. Then, B.B will ignore the note off. Have the midi trigger be a short note, just an eighth note, or so. My guess is that you have a “note off” that does not get processed before the next “note on”, so B.B. does not see anything to play.

Revision to the above: In playing around with this for another project, I found that the written midi note should be the same length as the wav file, when dealing with longish wavs (1 measure or more.)

Hi Phil - no luck. Loop entered as “percussion”. Polyphony Off. Choke Off. Midi file is same length as the audio file. Trigger note is eighth note. Still won’t loop.

eureka. apparently 1) my midi files contained some sort of meta data, so I used a midi file from BB, changed the midi notes to suit, then deleted all region data before exporting the file, and 2) the midi trigger note needed to the entire length of the phrase.

not sure this makes sense but it worked… so far. thanks again for all your help Phil!

Usually, if there is a meta data problem, it’s with the wav, not the midi. I use a data stripper on all my waves. But, hey, if you got it working, that’s all that counts.